Enjoy a day out in the Bay of St Francis and catch a variety of game and bottom fish as we find the best fish in the bay and beyond. This full day excursion hunts the fish as far out as the wild side of Cape St Francis, lighthouse and Shark point within the Bay. A mix of both game and bottom fish is sought during the day with emphasis on bottom fish mainly while always on the search for that big one.

What You Need To Know

  • Important: Do not forget your post office fishing licence
  • Notes: A full day fishing is not for the feint hearted and only the true adventurers venture for this option as a full day out.
  • Where: Port St Francis, St Francis Bay
  • When: All year Round – Weather permitting.
  • Weather: Wind is a deterrent to going out to sea and an assessment shall be made on the day of the trip but it would bode well to check the extended forecast for weather predictions of the bay. Ideal weather conditions are light winds less than 20 knots, with swell not exceeding 4m.
  • What to Wear: Fishing appropriate clothing. Not your Sunday best. Soft sole shoes and layered clothing that can be added or taken off when needed.
  • Things to bring: Layers of clothing as mid day and afternoon temperatures vary and you can take off layers as it heats up. A wind breaker, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses are a must for a full day out in the sun.
  • Guest/Spectators: Please inform us of any preferences for what you’d like to be fishing for, should you know? Also inform us please of any medical conditions and be sure to remind your captain on the boat of any conditions and treatments should anything change out at sea regarding your health.
  • Inclusions: Excursions include all bait, rods, reels and fishing equipment.
  • Exclusions: Excluded from this trip are meals, snacks, drinks and extras you might need to make your trip more tasty. We advise that you bring and we can keep it in a cooler on board.